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atmos Tokyo - Reebok x Voltron

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After this Summer's incredible blockbuster hit Transformers, which took in $700 million dollars at the box office, not counting DVD sales and merchandises. Hollywood is looking to revive another 80's animation classic - a live-action version of Voltron in the making from 20th Century Fox with a planned release date of Summer 2008.

In the meantime, the folks over at Reebok is schedule to launch their take of the popular animation. The Voltron Pack will consist of 5 different sneakers from Reebok's product line, each make up the 5 lions that form the giant robot known as Voltron. Ventilator (Blue Lion), Pump Omni-Lite (Yellow Lion), ERS Racer (Green Lion), Insta-Pump Fury (Red Lion) and Court Victory Pump (Black Lion). Aside from the colorways, designers at Reebok paid attentions to all the details, adding metallic mesh and other accents to replicate the feel of the animation. And if you are extremely familiar with the show, you will appreciate the launch dates of the 5 sneakers:

- Ventilator (Blue Lion) and Pump Omni-Lite (Yellow Lion) will be release on October 6th, which will form the "legs" of Voltron

- ERS Racer (Green Lion) and Insta-Pump Fury (Red Lion) will be release on October 20th, which will form the "arms" of Voltron

- Last but not least, Court Victory Pump (Black Lion) will be release on November 3rd, which will form the "torso" and "head' of Voltron.

In anticipation of the huge demand for these limited editions. Our friends at atmos Tokyo, one of few stores in the world, launched a pre-release section on their online store over the weekend. All 5 sneakers are priced differently, ranging from JP¥ 10,500 (~US$ 90) to JP¥ 21,000 (~US$ 180), for the Red Lion surprisingly. Close-up photos coming soon...

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