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purchaze - Nike Original Windrunner Jacket

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The folks at Nike dug into their treasured archive and came out with the above, original version of Nike Windrunner Jacket. Designed by Geoff Hollister, who ran for Nike co-founder and track coach Bill Bowerman while studied at University of Oregon. Taking inspirations from the traditional clothing Pacific Northwest Native Americans, Hollister incorporated 2 different synthetic fabrics: one laminated with water-repellent polyurethane and the other lined with mesh vents, to the upper and lower portions of the jacket. The incorporation meant a runner can braved the elements comfortability, something no other athletic apparel has done up to that point. To give the appearance of speed, Hollister angled the seams where the 2 fabrics conjoined to 26°. The chevron design has been synmous with Nike apparel ever since. The jacket also became one of first Nike apparel to appear in an Olympic event.

The re-issue version will come in 3 bright colorways: pink, yellow, and blue. Each with the pinwheel pattern on the left chest side, which also appeared on the original Windrunner for the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials in 1980. Avavilable currently at selected retailers, including purchaze in Aurich, Germany. While there, check out some of the re-issues t-shirts from Nike as well.

Lilienstra Ÿe 8 | Map (German Only)
26603 Aurich, Germany
TEL #: +49-49-4169-79830

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