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NEIGHBORHOOD x Death of a President

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If it wasn't for the subject of the movie, the film would've being just another murder mystery. However, because of its controversial subject, the movie "Death of a President" became one of the most talked about film in 2006. Created in the form of a fictional news documentary, the film sets place a year or so after the fabricated assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago on October 19th, 2007. The film traced back to the event on that fateful day with interviews, archival news reel, fictional news conference, and etc... The film actually won several awards, including International Critics' Award during the Toronto Film Festival. But because of its controversial theme, "Death of a President" only had a very limited viewing in the U.S.

Never shy away from controversies, the crew at NEIGHBORHOOD (NBHD) will release an online exclusive t-shirt tomorrow, October 11th, to coincide with the Japanese nationwide premiere of the film this weekend. When you have the opportunity, try to visit the elaborate Japanese official site, a replica of an actual newspaper web site, for the movie.


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