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New Balance - Super Team 33 - Elements Collection

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New Balance - Super Team 33 Elements Collection

The latest from New Balance "Super Team 33" series is the Elements Collection. It will be Super Team 33 Series' 4th edition. The new line will drop this Saturday, October 20th, at 33 selected stores worldwide.

The Elements Collection is based on NB's popular M1400 model, a favorite among joggers as well as the street wear culture as well. Directed by NB Asia Pacific division, the collection incorporated the concept from traditional Chinese religion/philosophy, Taoism. In Taoism, 5 key elements interrelate with natural forces within the universe. It is the source of all existence, living in harmony.

Each sneaker utilizes the 5 elements into the designs. 3 models appeared as "Fire+Metal", "Wood+Earth", and "Water":

-"Fire+Metal" takes a visual approach by infusing of 2 opposing elements together

-"Wood/ Earth" uses cotton & leather upper in earth tone colorways and a cork inner sole

-"Water" displays a scene of a ship sailing through the great ocean, mid-sole gradation represents the water's edge, and transparent sole that shows water bubble imprint.

Items provided by atmos Tokyo. Photos by AKI.

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