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Store Review: The Heist - Melbourne

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Store Review: The Heist - Melbourne - 0

The creative capital of Australia, Melbourne has been blessed with a new store by the name of The Heist. Local and global streetwear brands like IHMDJ, Still Life, Crooks and Castles, Married to the Mob, Hellz Bellz, Coup De Grace, Orisue, LRG, Know1edge, Heights NYC, Crash and Levi's (Japan only) can be found in store as well as some dope kicks on consignment. Following after the jump is a quick chat with the owner of The Heist, Caine Cherubin and some pics of the clean retail space.

The Heist
33 Little Latrobe Street

> The Heist

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Store Review: The Heist - Melbourne - 1

Hit us with a reasoning behind why you wanted to open The Heist?

There were two reasons for opening the store, one on a business level, I am the agent for all the brands that we carry, and we wanted to open a showroom and office with a retail space that presented the products in a respectful way to the brands image. We thought a clean look that allowed the product to be the feature of the store (not a gimmick image). So now when stores come to view ranges, they are seeing the way we present the product, and hopefully they can take that away with them when presenting our brands.

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The second was to create a store that acted as a bridge for consumers. To explain that clearly, the product we stock varies from more known brands like LRG, Crooks but we also provide a more obscure and lesser known labels like IHMDJ and Heights NYC (both small independents running out of Brooklyn). Our store acts as a bridge for people to familiarise themselves with both sides of the industry, from the larger brands that are firmly rooted in the market and the new emerging brands that a lot of the time are just one man shows that are producing amazing product with a unique look at the world.

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How come you chose the name, The Heist?

The name The Heist (to plan and execute a robbery or theft) was chosen for a number of reasons. If you think deeper into the meaning of the word "heist" and apply it to social and political agendas, where theft of civil liberties and basic freedoms are being committed everyday, through the powers to be, either engineer our consent or just ignore the rules and bully their ideas onto us. The science of it all is that we are being diverted from issues that really matter through basic daily activities of turning on TV or reading mainstream newspapers, it's all being white washed so we don't really know what's going on. Or another way of putting it is being robbed blind... we rob ourselves blind, because we allow ourselves to.

So we are trying to present a lifestyle and a product to the public that is supporting an independent scene, so that someone who gets interested in it, through self education will create an independent mind, and hopefully can positively contribute to the street wear or fashion scene themselves.

Thanks Caine.

Thanks for the support. Peace.