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Air Jordan Force Fusion XII (AJF12) - Taxi Edition

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During 96-97 season, Nike's Zoom Air unit made its debut on Air Jordan XII, the first in Jordan Brand collection to use the super lightweight, responsive air unit. With its reinforced forefoot and fan-like stitchings on white leather, inspired by "Nisshoki" or Raising -Sun flag used by the Japanese armed forces. The AJ XII demonstrated as a force to reckon with on the court.

So it is quite appropriate to create a hybrid of a sort from the 2 iconic footwears - Air Jordan XII and Air Force 1. The new creation, named Air Jordan Force Fusion XII Mid, preserved much of Air Jordan XII's appearance, with the addition of the Nike Swoosh and signature ankle strap found on Air Force 1.

The launch date of Air Jordan Force Fusion XII Mid is set to January of 2008. However, as always, you get yours early from our friends at Marquee Sole.

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