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Nike Singapore - JDI Tribes

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A new kind of sports culture is emerging in Singapore. The city is its playground and the streets are coming to life with the voices and movements of a new generation of urban tribes. As a leading name on the cutting edge of sportswear design, Nike Singapore took this opportunity to salute our youth, from skateboarders and BMX bikers to B-boys and street footballers. These tribes should be allowed to tell their own stories, in their own voices.

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In this cosmopolitan city, sub-cultural energies and currents are constantly colliding with each other, creating a fertile, forever-evolving cultural scene located at the intersection where sport, fashion, music and more meet. Confidently global in their outlook, yet proudly local in their pursuits, these are the folks that give our streets a little more buzz and soul. Nike wants to celebrate their diversity and vitality by focusing on individual narratives, rather than harping on the infrastructure (or lack thereof). These guys live for the moment and enjoy milking whatever they can out of every living second.

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They constantly amaze us with their skills, humble us with their rootedness and inspire us with their perseverance. Every one of them is fiercely proud of his or her individuality, yet deeply conscious of being a part of a larger community. They strive for perfection, but at their own pace and time. They prize thrills and thrive on spontaneity. It's all about play. They embrace the physicality and danger implicit in what they do with imagination and creativity, accepting that learning is the key to mastery.

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This is their story - a story built around a different lifestyle. For them, the tribe is their culture and the proud badge of their identity. Find out more at Nike Singapore.


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