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Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy

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Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 1

The sneaker customising scene has gained popularity with the boom of sneaker culture as a whole, however these days customising is more than just applying paint to sneakers. Lazy shows us how it is done with paint, fabrics and some intiricate hand carvings on his customs. Detailed to perfection and guranteed to snap necks!

> Lazy

Firstly can you drop some knowledge about Lazy, for those who have not been exposed to your work.
I'm known as Lazy, from Singapore. I'm a designer, better known as a sneaker customiser. I design apparel and customise sneakers for people. I have my own streetwear label under a different name/brand. I called myself Lazy to give people an impression that I am lazy so they won't bother me with their shit. Then I can get down with my own business.

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The sneaker customising is becoming fairly main stream now amongst sneaker heads, how did you get started with customs?
I did not start off with a mindset to become a customiser. I was mainly designing some camo print at that time and wondered how it looks on sneaker. That's how my first custom came about. It was purely out of fun. I continued to try out some more customs for myself and apparently people seem to like what I have done. That's how it got started.

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 2

What is your favourite custom work to date and can you tell us why it is your favourite?
My favourite will probably be the hand-carved "Black Casket Dunk Lo', also known as the wood grain dunk. I like its simplicity in design and the concept behind it. The idea came from people keeping their shoes in deadstock condition. It's like killing its purpose and burying the shoes in the closet, putting them away from light. So I made the shoes into a wooden casket to bury its purpose.

Denim AF1

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 3

By the way what is your all time favourite sneaker?
I would say it's the Air Max 1. Simple and comfortable.

Apart from the obvious, where do you get your inspirations for your customs or designs?
Graphic and fashion magazines. I don't see my work as fine art. They are always more graphic and fashion driven. So it makes sense that I refer to graphic and fashion design materials for inspiration.


Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 4

Besides your customising, what else keeps you busy?
I have a clothing label. I do the designs and distribution all by myself. On top of that, there are still alot of things in my mind. I will like to try them out eventually.

It's amazing to see the amount of dope customisers with mad skills in Singapore. How is it that the scene is concentrated with talent?
I don't really know how to answer this question. But it's definitely a good thing for us. I feel that Singapore has not been much of a talked about city in terms of street culture among people. Artists showing their talent outside Singapore and getting recognition is actually good for our scene here and we need it.


Are you working on any projects right now which you can leak some info?
I will be doing a collaboration on sneaker with Darbotz from Indonesia. He is a graffiti artist and he does some awesome work. It's gonna be a fun project for ourselves.

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 5

I will also be starting a new clothing label. Due to launch in November 07'. The label will draw inspiration from our own culture, in hope to introduce, to share and represent Singapore to the rest of the world. I am also fortunate to have several well-known local and oversea artists, brands and organizations backing me up with collaborations down the
pipeline. With all our efforts, I hope we can make a difference to our scene here.

Can you give some advice for people who want to get into customising?
Not exactly the right person to give advice here, but I go by doing it for myself. Only ideas from the inner self is considered a good piece of work.

Hand carved visvim

Any last shouts and props?
I like to thank Masa and Freshness for doing this interview. Shout out to all my families and friends around the globe. I miss you SF. Especially to all the boys back home, keep doing your things. Stay reppin for SG. Also to those who bother to read this interview, I appreciate it. Thank you.

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 6

Five Favourite Facts on Lazy
Favourite food? Fried chicken
Favourite city? Tokyo
Favourite musician? LMF
Favourite artist? Jun Takahashi (Undercover)
Favourite relaxing method? Beer with friends throwing creative and silly ideas

Black Casket

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 7

White Casket

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 8

Orange Casket

Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 9

Black Patchwork

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Freshness Feature: Interview with Lazy - 11

White Savage

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