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N4E1 - Fall 2007

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Our friends over at N4E1 (Not For Everyone) been quick busy the last couple of weeks as they prepared for the launch of their Fall 2007 collection. For this season, expect more of their staples: signature metallic and foil prints on 240-gram cotton t-shirts (the industry average is 180-gram only). Since Fall is the perfect season for hoodies, N4E1 created 2 designs, including a crystallized version with poly-silk lining on the interior.

N4E1 also preview their first denim this season. Composed of 13oz raw Selvedge denim, N4E1 added their own touch by embroidering their signature graphics and a comical statement with what else but metallic threads.

Items from the Fall 2007 collection can be found at N4E1 retail locations or on N4E1's online store.

> N4E1 (Not For Everyone)

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