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Origami Clothing - Tyvek Reversible Puffer Vest



Prominent designer Kevin "Saer" Leong have worked with a wide range of labels, everything from Heatherette, Reebok, to the fashion empire of entertainment mogul Russell Simmons. Recently, Leong announced the launch of his exclusive collection.

Drawn on inspiration from Asian paper art, Leong's new label, Origami Clothing, will feature apparels made from the finest fabrics, such as selvedge denim and cashmere, but with a twist.

One such item is the limited edition Origami reversible puffer vest. Made from DuPont Tyvek fabric, the same insulation fabric found on the construction of buildings. Instead of goose down/feathers, the insulation in this particular puffer vest will be $5,000 worth of shredded U.S. currency. And since one side is in transparent mesh, the vest would definitely be an very interesting conversation piece. Limited to 100 pieces, the Origami reversible puffer vest will be available at selected retailers.

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