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Facebook - Sneakers Application



By now, you most likely know what Facebook is, or even have a page of yourself on this ever popular social network site. And one major attribute to Facebook's popularity is its easy-to-use interfaces, which allow users, like yourself, to switch in & out of tiny applications. Aside from the "punch", "hug" or "poke" mini-application, a very interesting one appeared recently.

The new Facebook application, simply called Sneakers, focused solely on the sneaker head community at large. To join is quite simple, just add the application onto your Facebook site. At the same time, you'll be awarded $500 in virtual money. The program also award you if you invite others into the community or just simply stay on as a member. As a mirror image of real life, you can amass your sneaker collection via: purchasing from the application itself or trade with fellow members. In a way, the application allows you have the ultimate sneaker collection in the virtual world of Facebook. All without you spending a penny in the real world.

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