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Geseho - 0

In a culture where new clothing brands are popping up almost everyday, it is refreshing to see that some brands choose to represent and further their own scene rather than to mimic bigger cities and their icons. One such brand is Geseho who have just dropped their Fall clothing line. Operating straight out from the backdoor of a car garage in Singapore, Geseho clothing is out to craft and shape their street culture through their apparel.

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The release of their first collection comes with a lookbook, featuring their local artists and labels, whom helped to build the scene in Singapore. Geseho clothing is directly inspired by their lifestyle, their streets, their people and their subcultures. Below are some images of the Fall line. 

Tool & Bone front

Geseho - 1

Tool & Bone back

Geseho - 2
Geseho - 3
Geseho - 4


Crafting Our Own Shit

Honour Till Death

Geseho - 5
Geseho - 6

The Real G