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Adidas GIL II ZERO - Cust0mize Edition

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Adidas GIL II ZERO - Cust0mize Edition - 0

Over the course of the new NBA season, the NBA All-Star Guard for Washington Wizards, Gilbert Arenas, will be launching one of the most elaborate collaboration to date. Working in conjunction with Adidas REMIX collection, Arenas will launch the Team Signature Lightswitch - GIL II ZERO, a collection with 20 styles, each reflects Arenas not only as a talented basketball player, but an athlete that understand his role in the community and a loving father.

The 20 sneakers will be categorized into 3 distinct divisions - Underground, Elite, and Preferred, with the Underground series being the most limited and exclusive in availability. Both Elite and Preferred series are also limited in numbers. However, the sneakers in those 2 series will be more widely distribute.

The Cust0mize Edition, part of the Elite division, will be launch this Friday, November 23rd. Arenas will also showcase the sneaker while playing against his former team, the Golden State Warriors. As one of the lead participants in Adidas' new marketing campaign, "Impossible is Nothing". Arenas took on the number Zero to address all the doubters and skeptics he faced in the past, the present, and in the future. Hence, the numeral "0" in the sneaker's name. The glossy surface of Cust0mize welcome each wearer to tell their own "Impossible is Nothing" stories, by writing their own messages directly on the sneaker. Each comes with a dry erase marker. Limited to 3000 pairs worldwide.

Release Date: November 23rd (Friday)

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Adidas GIL II ZERO - Cust0mize Edition - 0

Adidas GIL II ZERO - Cust0mize Edition - 2

Adidas GIL II ZERO - Cust0mize Edition - 3

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