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Stussy x LUMINOX - EVO Navy Seal Watch

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Though a newcomer when compared to its counterpart, timepiece maker LUMINOX still has a storied history nonetheless. It all begin in 1989 when Barry Cohen, co-founder of Richard Barry Marketing Group, discovered an unique, self-powered illumination technology by a small firm in Switzerland. After negotiation, Cohen procured the rights to utilize the technology and Luminox was born.

The new brand enjoyed a very moderate sales rate initially, until U.S. Navy's special operation branch, SEALs, approached Luminox with a proposal - designed a combat mission oriented diving watch with a night viewing capability. After 9 months of research and design, Luminox created 3000 Series, currently the original watch of the SEALs.

Utilizing the same technologies, Stussy recently created its own line of Luminox watches. Featuring Swiss-made quartz movement, a scratch resistant mineral crystal glass, the watch is water resistant to 200 meters and comes with a Stussy-made velcro wrist strap plus a special case. A interchangeable rubber strap is also available. All can be purchase online at Stussy Direct.

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