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BODEGA - The North Face NSE + More...

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BODEGA of Boston is one of the few selected retailers to carry The North Face NSE Collection, the limited edition line straight from the design team that created the hugely popular The North Face Purple Label Collection, Goldwin of Japan. BODEGA is also the sole retailer in the Boston area to receive the newly re-issue Steeptech Collection, also from The North Face. Created by extreme skier Scot Schmidt, the reinforced outerwear became a favorite among NYC urbanites during 1990s.

Along with the new The North Face products, other new items include this season's Idiom, the collaborative label between Burton and Hiroshi Fujiwara, HEADPORTER+, the apparel collection of HEAD PORTER, Wood Wood, and Saviour, which labeled all of its clothing this season after Joy Division/New Order songs.

6 Clearway Street | Map
Boston, MA 02115

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