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Premum Goods - 2007 Varsity Jacket



Made of fine flannel wool metlon, the limited edition 2007 varsity jacket by Premium Goods draw its inspirations from the World Cup Championship and the stores themselves. Each of the 2 stores will its own version, with 5 stars and a bold ".01" embroidered on the Brooklyn edition, symbolized the number of years in operation and the store number. The same goes for the Houston version, with 3 stars (3 years) and ".02" embroidered. A larger representation of each city/store is embroidered in the back. Ribbings on each part also consist of different colors: collar-blue, right cuff-pink, left cuff-green, waist-grey. A total of 53 units are available, with with 29 Brooklyn version and 24 Houston version.

Premium Goods - Brooklyn
347 Fifth Avenue | Map
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Frank151 Release + Rock The Bells Pre-Party - Aug 10 - 1

Premium Goods - Houston
2416 Times Blvd. | Map
Houston, TX 77005

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

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