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STLESS x fuct - 5th Annivsersary T-Shirt

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In his death as in his life, there are much mysteries that surround the Russian figure Grigori Rasputin, or simply known as Raputin. The mystic, faith-healer, and clairvoyant to the Russian Imperial Court. It was said that his predicted his own assassination and the demise of the Romanovs, the last of the Russian Tsars.

For the celebration of STLESS 5th year, fuct designer Erik Brunetti created a special raglan long sleeve t-shirt with aged photo of the Russian mystic printed in front. Deepening the symbolism and enigma, Brunetti added the iconography "Zoso", a term popularized by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, in reference to a secret order of occultisms. The t-shirt is available exclusively through STLESS of ZOZOTOWN.


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