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There is a small city in Australia with beautiful sunshine and breath taking beaches that run for miles on end. The city is Brisbane and there thriving street culture is fueled by a dope store called Apartment. Located in the underbelly of a 100 year old building with slick interior that have blown many minds. Here is a quick insight into the story behind Apartment with the owner Ben.

161 - 163 Elizabeth Street, Lower Level
Brisbane, QLD 4000
> Apartment

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What is the low down on Apartment and why did you get started?
So our town is still a small one. Hell it's a small country for that matter. Our city is very much still growing, we're still trying to find a distinct identity of our own. The aim of Apartment was to support a lifestyle for ourselves, our friends, and our city. The original concept was heavily influenced by the sneaker and street culture of large cities like New York or Tokyo. Now, one year since our original opening, we find ourselves in the new Apartment, one that is beginning to take on a strong identity of its own. The scope of the store has broadened to acquiring anything that we think has something special to offer in terms of design.


Whoare the nuts and bolts of the Apartment operation?
We have collected quite a crew since the first days. Originally it was just my brother and I doing everything, working the seven day week. Now we have the Zero Hour Crew, Trent Barton and Shaun Restorick, the marketing masterminds. Young Vo, the skate resident and renowned skate photographer. And of course the mad hustlers that keep Apartment going everyday, Matty, Rio and Azz....


What is the inspiration behind the store?
The inspiration was to create a workspace and shopping space like no other. One that is both relaxing and energising. We knew we'd be spending a fair amount of time here so we thought we' make it comfortable. An Apartment theme seemed perfect. The fit out was done by our in house design team, The Zero Hour Collective and APT Creative.


What are the brands that you guys stock at the moment?
It is extensive and building. Some of the more sought after....Wood Wood, Rittenhouse, P.A.M, Undefeated, Alife, atmos, Imperial Brand, Umbro by Kim Jones, Stussy Deluxe, Made Me, plus all the usual sneaker candidates.


What does the future hold for Apartment?
It is early days yet. We're hoping that we can build a brand that is recognized and respected the world over, and maybe branch out into a few things that have also caught our fancy. We do have a few things in the pipes which you will be first to know about when they happen.


Any parting words?
Be sure to drop in if your in town. Or make a special trip. Apartments doors are always open, as long as it's in between 10am and 6pm.