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Nike "Be True" - DIVA Sculpture - by Eisaku Kito

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Nike "Be True" - DIVA Sculpture - by Eisaku Kito - 0

The Nike Be True campaign is well underway and there seems to be no end to the various things Nike is doing and will be doing as they courted Nike White Dunk artist, Eisaku Kito agian to come up with this dope piece to celebrate the Dunk. The sculpture is named "DIVA" and is now on display at Colette in Paris, France.

"I got the idea of an angel from the white shoes and the color white. It's not the kind of angel people imagine. It's a mysterious being created by people - similar to a UFO. Sound is the hidden concept, or maybe, the result of my personal desire to want to hear sound. But, then again, Divas and angels are related to sound and music. And if you think about it, NIKE is the name of a goddess, so maybe it all ties together." - Eisaku Kito

A similar figure by Eisaku Kito was created for the Nike White Dunk Exhibition and recently a less detailed Be True Diva figure was also created for the Be True collection in Germany.

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Nike "Be True" - DIVA Sculpture - by Eisaku Kito - 1