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Stussy x FUTURA

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Stussy x FUTURA - 0

Stussy (Japan) and FUTURA have linked up to release a wide variety of pieces that are now available at Stussy Japan. FUTURA has a long relationship with various different sneaker and clothing brands in the streetwear industry but this is the first time he has actually put out an entire collection with Stussy. Some of the pieces that have just been released include the Fate hoodie, the Fate Script hoodie, the FUTURA jacket, the Chance track jacket and the Prospecta jacket, all have a camouflage influence. via: Hypebeast

More photos below...

Stussy x FUTURA - 1

Stussy x FUTURA - 2

Stussy x FUTURA - 3

Stussy x FUTURA - 4

Stussy x FUTURA - 5

Stussy x FUTURA - 6