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Apple - MacBook Air

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For all of the Apple enthusiasts out there like us here at Freshness, today was the day that we got a glimpse at the newest product to come out of Cupertino, California. The MacBook Air was revealed today and is available on Apple's Online Store for Pre-Order and will be shipping in a couple of weeks. The ultra portable computer is the "world's thinnest notebook" measuring 0.16" at the top and 0.76" on the bottom. The screen is an LED backlit 13.3" widescreen with a magnetic latch. One of the dopest features on the new MacBook Air is the multi-touch keypad that allows users to double-tap and move, rotate pictures with a finger, and the iPhone famous "pinch and zoom". Intel shrunk it's Intel Core 2 Duo Processor to fit inside the computer, which additionally comes with 2GB RAM, a 64 GB SSD or 80 GB Hard drive. The MacBook Air surprisingly is only $1799.

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