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Nic is Coming - Rainbow Mesh Caps

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Nic is Coming - Rainbow Mesh Caps - 0

Nic is Coming is an up and coming Chinese streetwear brand, fully owned and operated by Li Chen. Li Chen some believe has the potential to be the next Edison Chen (CLOT), he is one of the major hosts for Channel V (China's MTV) and in addition is considered to be an influencer to various brands, one of which is Nike. With his various connections to streetwear and growing up on the culture, he recently launched, Nic is Coming. The line consists of mostly simple graphic tees and trucker caps he has ambitions to transform it into a complete line. Here are the latest from his line, 7 colors of his Nic is Coming trucker cap, dubbed the Rainbow collection for obvious reasons. You can pick yours up if you're in China at MESS (Beijing), X+ (Shanghai), Fly (Shanghai), Rex (Shanghai) on February 2nd.

MESS Beijing
484 N. Dong Si North Ave
Dong Cheng District, Beijing, 100010