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Scion Presents - Love Will Bring Us Apart Again

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Scion Presents: Love Will Bring Us Apart Again

Scion Presents - Love Will Bring Us Apart Again

Scion will inaugural its latest exhibition this evening at its new 4,500 square feet location at the Hayden Tract area of L.A. Working in conjunction with London-based Apart, the exhibition will display works of mixed medias by some 27 artists from all over the world. Artist such as Pakapoom Silaphan of Thailand, Time Blake of UK, Super Violence of Japan, James Mathers of US, and much more. The opening reception will start around 7 pm PST with open bar and valet parking. The show will last till March 1st.

Scion conducted a brief interview with Apart's Adrian Palengat regarding the exhibit. You can read on after the jump as well as a brief YouTube introduction.

Scion Installation L.A. Gallery
3521 Helms Avenue | Map
Culver City, CA 90232

Greedy Genius x Famous Stars + Straps - L.A. Takeover - 0

Exhibition Date: February 16th (TONIGHT!) - March 1st (Saturday)

Opening Reception: February 16th (TONIGHT!) | 7 pm - 10 pm

> Scion Installation L.A. Gallery

> Apart

Interview and clip after the jump...

Scion Presents - Love Will Bring Us Apart Again

Q&A With Adrian Palengat of Apart

What is the theme or meaning of the show?

It's simply to show how pop art is constantly being re-interpreted and reworked by artists working in different media around the world

How did you select and find the artists involved?

They've been scooped up by Apart over the last 9 years and i picked the ones for this show who were most likely to get there work in a container on time!

How did Scion find you and approach you to do a show?

I hosted Freddi C. and the Scrawl Collective's big American grafitti show "Streetwiseone" in my london gallery in 2001

What's been the biggest challenge you faced in putting together this show?

It's still to come - hanging it on the 15th !

Is there anything in particular you would like people to take away from this show - what would you like to inspire in those that view the artwork?

The same response that we always seem to get which is: inspiration, joy, laughter and fascination at how these artists think of the things they do, a bit like the harlem globetrotters, they put on such a great spectacle as a team

What do you have lined up for the future? What's next after this show?

I'm curating a 3 week group show at Steve Shaw's beautiful new Abbott Kinney Gallery on the 16th March for 3 weeks, then back to London to curate an enormous Notting Hill Apart retrospective for all our artists to say hello to their old clients, then back to Las Vegas where im putting on another big group show in mid May downtown, then to Zurich for a Pakpoom Silaphan solo show... and the rest of the year I'll work out as I go!!!