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Nike VS. MIKE 23

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Nike VS. MIKE 23

Scott Nelson, the mastermind behind the label MIKE 23 and a regular of LES, recently disclosed to Rob Walker of Murketing that Nike sent him a "cease and desist" letter, claiming that MIKE 23 "infringe Nike and Converse's trademarks" and connection to Michael Jordan. While Nelson has long insisted that the MIKE 23 label is a homage and tribute, rather a parody or anything worst. Nike isn't having none of that and ordered Nelson to "orderly withdrawal of all infringing products from the market". This effectively shut MIKE 23 down for good. Debates regarding this David vs. Goliath battle are trickling throughout the blogsphere since Murketing published the post. While most of us don't have the right answers (since we are no lawyers), we do hope there is some sort of mediation between the sides. After all, the publicity generated by MIKE 23 the last few years have not hurt Nike's image a bit at all.

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