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Lemar + Dauley - Spring 2008

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Lemar & Dauley - Spring 2008 - Back 2 Back Champs

The idea came about around 2001, the establishment of the label came in 2003, now 5 years into the "game", New York-based Lemar & Dauley have grown by leaps and bound. Its Cloud & Rainbow graphic apparel is among the most popular in Kidrobot's merchandise portfolio. So are its collaboration sneakers with DC Shoes and most recently, the yet to be release adidas REMIX sneaker. For Spring Collection 2008, Lemar & Dauley address the athletes within all of us by bridging the gap between sportwear and high fashion. Bold and fun graphics, loud colorways, all signature of the brand, intermixed with functional form. For example, the Numbers Board Short in the new collection. The Lemar & Dauley - Spring 2008 Collection has begun to ship and will arrive the next few weeks to retailers such as Boundless NY in Brooklyn, Red Lemon in L.A., The Fizix in San Marcos, and more... In the meantime, the label will go through a growth spur this year, with plans to hit a number of trade shows, including Bread & Butter, Agenda, and Capsule. An online store maybe a possibility as well.

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