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Design Tshirts Store graniph - Design Award 2

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graniph - Design Award 2

This is a reminder!!! As reported before, Japan's Design Tshirt Store graniph, or better known as Graniph, is hosting its Design Award 2 to seek out new talents for artist collaboration t-shirt line. If you're interested in getting your designs and artworks up in 20 locations across 3 nations, this is the contest to enter.

The rules are simple. There are no restrictions on nationalities, sex, age, experiences, and etc... Simply complete the application form along with illustrations, graphics, and/or photographs on paper, and submit the entire package before March 31st. 1 Gold Prize Winner will receive JP 1 million (~US$ 9,000), 10 Silver Prize Winners JP 100,000 (~US$ 900), 20 Bronze Prize Winners will receive JP 50,000 (~US$ 450). All will get their designs commercialize by Graniph and be distribute across its retail locations. For more information, click the link below. But you have to enter ASAP as the contest effectively ends tomorrow!!!

Competition Date: February 1st (Friday) - March 31st (Tomorrow!)

> Design Tshirt Store graniph - Design Award 2