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WHIZ Limited - Crotech Watch

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Certainly since designer Hiroaki Shitano's been getting a lot of attention since he re-established LUMP's new flagship at Harajuku early this year. Recently, Shitano created an addition to his label whiz's accessories line, the Crotech timepiece. Fashioned like a traditional chronograph. Each watch is powered via: quartz crystal for the utmost accuracy. The heavy duty stainless steel casing ensure water resistance and durability. As added feature, the stainless steel bracelet is shaped into menacing studs instead. Another added feature is winding dial, which has a single Swarovski crystal on it side. Currently available at LUMP and whiz online store. Via::

3-21-2-28 Jinguemae | Map (Japanese Only)
Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan
TEL #: +81-03-5785-2644

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