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Nike Vintage - Cortze Nylon

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Nike Cortze Nylon was not only a classic among Nike's historical archive, it was the first ever sneaker produced by the company. Created in 1972, with the now iconic "Swoosh" marking on its side. But the Cortze Nylon also marked an even more important trait of Nike - the strive for technical breakthroughs in athletic gears, no matter what the sport might be. Under the late Bill Bowerman's guidance, a nylon upper was used instead of the traditional all leather construction. A revolutionary move that not only lessen the weight of the Cortez, but made it more durable as well. As part of the Nike Vintage collection, the Cortze Nylon in its original form is once again available.

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Style: 316588-601
Color: Team Red/Black-White

> Get It Now @ Nike Vintage Cortze Nylon - Team Red/Black-White


Style: 316588-861
Color: Dark Orange/Champagne-Black

> Get It Now @ Nike Vintage Cortze Nylon - Dark Orange/Champagne-Black


Style: 316588-401
Color: Vivid Blue/Black-Sunburst-White

> Get It Now @ Nike Vintage Cortze Nylon - Vivid Blue/Black-Sunburst-White


Style: 316588-341
Color: Lucky Green/Germain Blue-Black-White

> Get It Now @ Nike Vintage Cortze Nylon - Lucky Green/Germain Blue-Black-White