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Diesel - DZ7091 + DZ7093 Watch

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Diesel Men's Watch DZ1187

Diesel - DZ7093 Watch

Diesel is set release 2 timepieces for Men: DZ7091 & DZ7093. Both models possessed retro, classic lines with the latest technologies as inerts. The DZ7093 features a yellow crystal face, integrated onto a vintage style brown leather strap. While the futuristic DZ7091, with its LED display, is mobile art form for your arm. When a button is pushed, the time, which is usual hidden, appears from behind a mirror display. Another innovation is the LED is programmable for up to 20 characters and transform into a messaage. Both will be available soon at authorized Diesel retailers.

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Diesel - DZ7091 Watch

Diesel - DZ7091 Watch