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Mishka Presents: Kaiju Invades NYC

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Mishka Presents: Kaiju Invades New York

Mishka | SHOWROOM NYC | Toy Tokyo Presents: Kaiju Invades NYC

Kaiju is a term unfamiliar to most people outside of Japan. But there is likelihood they have already seen one. Translate directly as "strange creature" or more generally as "monster". It is use as a term to describe anything and everything that is monster-related, most famous being Godzilla. To coincide with New York Comic Con this weekend, Mishka, along with Don "Datadub" Kratzer from Fig Lab and Lorne "m3kcomp" Colon, will launch Kaiju Invades NYC - an exhibition featuring custom monster figures from both US and Japan. See works from Buff Monster, Pushead, Cronic, Super7, and more. Mishka, working in conjunction with Lamour Supreme, also created a custom monster figure as well as a limited edition t-shirt (seen above) for the event. the exhibition will take place from this Saturday, April 19th, till Monday, April 21st. Then it will become a virtual exhibit on Toy Tokyo's website until end of April.

117 2nd Avenue, Fl. 2 | Map
New York, NY 10003

Frank151 Release + Rock The Bells Pre-Party - Aug 10 - 1

Opening Reception: April 19th (Saturday) | 8 pm - 11 pm

Exhibit Date: April 20th (Sunday) - April 21st (Monday) | 2 pm - 7 pm

> Mishka

> Toy Tokyo | Showroom NYC

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