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tee9nyc T-Shirt Company

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Check out this new t-shirt company called Tee9, for those with speedy fingers should know what T9 stands for. Based on short cuts for common terms, Tee9 has created an assortment of t-shirts with messages that can be decoded with the T9 system.

Here's a little more on the system: T9 is a texting program that can be found in most cell phones that do not have a full keyboard. T9 makes texting so much easier and faster, it pretty much predicts what you are going to type. For example, let's say you want to text to your friend "Whats up." If you were to use the regular Abc texting, you'd have to press 9, 4 twice, 2, 8, #, 8 twice, 7, and in between each letter you'd have to wait a second. With T9, you only have to press each number once, 94287 87, and you don't have to pause in between each letter.

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