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visvim - Spring/Summer 08 Ballistic Backpacks

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visvim - Spring/Summer 08 Ballistic Backpacks - 0

visvim has just released a number of new Ballistic Backpacks that are a part of their Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. The backpacks feature the same Ballistic 20 Pack model only with an added color to their base color. The Ballistic 20 Pack backpacks come in Black/Blue, Olive/Orange, and Sand/Yellow. In addition their is a new Ballistic 25 Pack backpack that is available in the Black/Blue. Our good friends at Bridge still have some visvim 20 Pack, K Pack, and Messenger bags available via: the Bridge Online Store. via: STARJOYOUS

> Bridge: visvim Backpacks & Messenger Bags