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Nike Soccer - Take it to the Next Level

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Nike has always been one of the leaders when it comes to marketing and branding itself and a lot of it is due to it's healthy relationship with various media companies such as W+K and now 72andSunny. Now we have the latest from Nike and 72andSunny, a Nike Soccer (Futbol) commercial looking to, "Take it to the Next Level". This commercial is part comedy, part action, and part special effects all combined with Nike's soccer phenoms which make it one of the best commercials we've seen to date from any company. via: Hypebeast

Editor's Note: This commercial was not a creative effort between Nike and W+K but rather Nike and 72andSunny as well as Guy Ritchie, who actually directed the short clip and will continue to direct a series of short clips for the Swoosh. Thank you to