Being True - 22 years of American Youth


"Being True 22 years of American Youth" features photography from Tim Barber, Angela Boatwright, Kenneth Cappello, Poppy De Villeneuve, Cheryl Dunn, Naomi Harris, Alex Hoerner, Drew Jarrett, Alain Levitt, Jeaneen Lund, Ari Marcopoulos, Dan Murphy, Jason Nocito, Patrick O'Dell, Mike Piscitelli, David Ransone, Terry Richardson, Jamel Shabazz, David Perez (Shadi), Brent Stewart, Ed Templeton, Tobin Yelland.

222 Vine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Opening Reception:  May 2nd (Friday) | 6pm - 9pm

Exhibit Date: May 2nd May 31st | 9am - 5pm or by appointment

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The Nike design philosophy has always been to build a better shoe for sports, and let style follow function. Twenty-three years ago, a basketball hi-top emerged from this ethos that became an icon of boldness, both on the court and off—the Nike Dunk. Nike Dunk introduced the concepts of contrast and color application to a shoe like never before. What started as an "every color, every school" agenda for college basketball teams, was soon after remixed to "anybody, everybody" as skateboarding adopted Nike Dunk for its flat soles, expressional colors, ankle-protecting qualities, and ability to take a beating and hold true to its form.

From team sports to the anti-establishment of fringe cultures, Nike Dunk connected all walks of life. It was offense, it was defense. It was his, it was hers. It was hi-top, it was lo-top. It was the college court, it was backyard mini-ramp. It was as beautiful fresh from the box as it was beaten to a pulp. It demanded our attention, yet took its time to step out from behind the curtain. It was self expression. It was Being True.

"Being True 22 years of American Youth"
The camera never lies and that is why photography is the best way to capture raw, unfiltered authenticity. "Being True" is an exhibition presented by Nike which plays off this notion, bringing together 22 photographers who've used their cameras to capture a moment in time when a subject, completely devoid of pretense, expressed him or herself honestly and truly. Whether it's a stylistic statement; a look of joy, thoughtfulness or anguish; or a physical movement, these young faces represent American youth culture in its purest form.

In the spirit of the shoe that inspires those who dare to be different, curators Emma Reeves and Aaron Rose sorted through entries from 100 lens men and lens women and settled on a diverse go-to group. The exhibit reaches back 22 years and includes established, as well as up-and-coming photographers (and anything in between), What they have in common, and what makes their images so impactful, is that they've managed to capture, in the blink of an eye, a visual manifestation of "Being True."