Twelve Bar for Mighty Mic T-Shirt



Mighty Mic has tapped Twelve Bar to design a limited edition t-shirt for the upcoming Might Mic Human Rights Awareness concert to be held on the UCLA Campus in Los Angeles on May 29th. The collaboration was sparked by the slogan, "It's All Love", the t-shirt features the Twelve Bar iconic heart logo filled with images of the children from Darfur and will be sold at the concert and bookstores at the UCLA campus. All proceeds of the sale benefits a mobile clinic for a refugee camp that services Darfurian refugees and STAND.

Mighty Mic is a 9-day event held on the Westwood Campus of UCLA, consisting of Genocide Awareness Week and a concert for Human Rights Awareness. Mighty Mic is founded by a group of UCLA students dedicated to social justice and human rights. This year's concert headliners will be OK Go, Zion I, Rock & Roll and Rhymefest.

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