Announcing - Freshness Asia: Japanese + Chinese



With the advancement of communication and faster transport method, the world we currently live in is just getting smaller, with lifestyles intersect with one another. With this in mind, on this, our 5th year in operation, Freshness is setting on a new project - Freshness Asia.

Available in 2 languages, Japanese and Chinese, the 2 new sites will mirror the same intent of the original English version - An informative, in-depth platform on urban and contemporary lifestyle, whether be the arts, the culture, the products, and everything in between. Each will not only be an outlet on relative news from around the world. But also include concise local information and updates respective to each of the regions and the readers within it.

So, feel free to browse and look around at the 2 links below or the mini banners at the right side. And if you have any suggestions or questions, drop us a note at

> Freshness - Japanese

> Freshness - Chinese