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Levi's Japan - Barcode Design Contest

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Levi's Japan - Barcode Design Contest

Often ignored, bar code represent a quantum leap in logistic and inventory upkeep when it was introduced in during 1970s. (An interesting sidenote, the first item to be scanned was a 10-pack of Juicy Fruit chewing gum on June 26th, 1974) This month, the lowly yet necessity of modern lifestyle is getting a second look. Levi's Japan just launched Design Barcode Contest. Contestants have the opportunity to re-design barcode based on one of 3 different themes: art, sport, and music. The winning designs will not only receive cash prizes of JP 10,000 - JP 6,000. The winning barcode designs will also be use as actual inventory device on Levi's merchandises. Entries submission will be open till May 25th. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to Japanese residents.

Contest Date: April 25th (Friday) - May 25th (Sunday)

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