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10.55 Special 55DSL Tees

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Andy Rementer / Komatsu 1000


10.55 is a new project under 55DSL, it is a special collaboration of tees designed by international artists offered starting fall/winter '08. Every season 55DSL selects 5 artists from different countries and gives them total freedom to design their exclusive graphic to be printed on a T-shirt. The selected artists for fall/winter '08 are Brosmind (Spain), Andrew Rementer (USA), Luke Insect (UK), Arthur King (France) and Komatsu 1000 (UK). The collection of tees will be available starting in July at 55DSL stores and stockists.

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Luke Insect / Arthur King



BROSMIND: Brosmind is a multidisciplinary studio based in Barcelona and founded by the Mingarro Brothers (Alejandro and Juan) in 2006. Educated as industrial and graphic designers, they are especially interested in product, illustration and graphic design, and often they also develop their own projects. This really young studio has already been awarded by one of the world's most prestigious advertising festivals "The Cannes Lions IAF", with one Gold Lion in Outdoor and one Silver Lion in Press. Their work has been exhibited in Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and Japan and has been published in magazines like IdN, Financial Times and Archive.

ANDREW REMENTER: Andy Rementer grew up in southern New Jersey, USA, in a quiet town once free of Wal-Marts and strip-malls. In 2004 he received his bachelors degree in graphic design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After working at design agencies in New York City, Andy spent two years at Fabrica in northern Italy. Outside of his nine-to-five gig, Andy enjoys drawing in his sketchbook and making comics. He's the author of a weekly cartoon titled "Techno Tuesday', which appears online and in print.

LUKE INSECT: Luke started design collective INSECT with his partner Paul 10 years ago, scaring the design and illustration community with their dark, surreal style and nightmarish imagery. This year sees the launch of his own studio specializing in art direction and illustration for the music, fashion and youth industries with a style that incorporates Pop Art, 1960's and 1970's counter-culture, and all things dark and twisted...

ARTHUR KING: Arthur "King" Estienne, 27 years-old French graphic designer, DJ and music video director, is the epitome of a generation of creators that approach music, design and film as just different available mediums to express the sound of their own drums. As a graphic designer, Estienne's body of work includes logos, corporate identity programs, album covers, films & TV animated title sequences and the award-winning documentary Just For Kicks.

KOMATSU 1000: For last nine years, Komatsu 1000 has been involved in drawing and producing his comic book, Suzii Creamcheese. The massive success of which, has allowed him to pursue his lifelong dream of kicking Peter Bowen's ass.