Introducing...Persona Non Grata - "Uncle Black"


Persona Non Grata -

Business Class is proud to present "Persona Non Grata" to the general public with their single, "Uncle Black." The song is the first in a string of PNG hits to be released this year, it has already graced the computer screens of thousands upon thousands via: and Accompanied by "The Uncle Black" dance, the track has granted The PNG trio, Heedi Blacc, Ill-O and Ivo Dinero, a local celebrity status among young New York City hip-hop fans. Their success thus far has been grassroots, largely word of mouth, and is based in Brooklyn, USA. PNG represents a vast array of musical and stylistic influences and is leading the charge for hip-hop's next generation to stand and be heard. The single will be available to the public on June 24th on iTunes.

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