Julius von Bismarck - Image Fulgurator



Today's buzz word is the Image Fulgurator. This deadly (and cool) looking "weapon of choice" does not inflict pain or death. Instead, its unsuspecting victims suffer a range of emotion, from curiosity to bewilderment. A creation of Julius von Bismarck, a DIYer and artist based in Berlin. The Image Fulgurator, though imposing in appearance, is actually made from a traditional camera, flash control, flash unit, sensor, and other over-the-counter component. In essence, it works like a portable projector. Insert an already exposed film, with images, into the gadget. When the Image Fulgurator's sensor detects a flash nearby go off, it also fires its own flash. The process superimpose the preset images onto the photos of unsuspecting photographer. The result: a sort of light graffiti on photos. Check out the YouTube video after the jump to see the Image Fulgurator in action.

> Julius von Bismarck - Image Fulgurator

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