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Nike SB - Ebay Dunk Socks

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Nike SB - Ebay Dunk Socks - 0

We all know what the Nike SB "Ebay" Dunk's did for the sneaker industry and the Nike SB product line. A couple of years have since passed since a pair were auctioned off via: ebay with all of the proceeds going to charity. Now it seems Nike SB is giving those who weren't fortunate enough to have purchased this pair a second opportunity at purchasing this shoe, only this time it doesn't come in the form of a shoe but rather a sock. We've already seen a number of these Nike SB Dunk socks from the Tiffany's to the Pigeon's but now we're finally getting the Ebay Dunk's, too bad they won't ever release the shoes again, until the day that happens you'll have to settle for the socks. via: CtotheJL // South of the North