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adidas Consortium AZX Project - A to H Sneakers

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The adidas Consortium AZX Collaboration Project has been one of the most talked about collaboration projects as of late, part of it could be the fact that adidas was able to round up 26 different Consortium retailers from all different parts of the world to collaborate on an adidas ZX model. The first 8 shoes to be released will include ACU (CLOT), Bodega, Colette, D-Mop, Limited Editions, Foot Patrol, Good Foot, and HUF.

More photos and detailed information below...

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ACU ZX 800 - ACU's capital 'A' take on the ZX 800 shape works with the shoe's sleek curves but adds an appropriately Chinese colour blend of a bold red and yellow, plus extra traditional elements via: the patterned silky material on the upper and tongue that works effectively alongside the suede panelling. Replacing the reflective panels on the forefoot with a unique choice of lenticular imagery that depicts the store's logo, the package is completed by a coordinating patterned drawstring bag and wooden lace jewel. Sport meets cultural heritage with added innovation.

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BODEGA ZX 8000 - A running classic with added Boston attitude, Bodega take 'B' to celebrate the adidas brand's regional history and dominance by reworking the ZX 8000. Blending subtle colours with bolder shades and adding effective use of texture, army green ripstop style fabric merges with bright red suede and black textured premium leather, work alongside soft nubuck, set atop an off-white midsole Carrying the store's passion for the shoe down to the minute details, the reflective tab on the heel, subtle use of local hand signals depicted on the tongue and metal tipped laces means a makeover with across-the-board appeal far beyond the regional inspiration.

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COLETTE ZX 300 - Cutting edge's style's dictionary definition, Parisian boutique Colette's letter allocation sees them embellishing the upper of the ZX 300 - a clean silhouette, with words beginning with 'C' and the relevant explanations. A literal approach to the project pays dividends. Black and white is the perfect colour combination and the chosen shoe makes for a versatile, wearable release that carries the essence of Colette's continued success, blending the abstract with stark simplicity. Look out for Circus, Chance, Cinderella, Cavia:r, Complex and Confession. Cool.

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D-MOP ZX 500 - D-Mop's diverse approach to fashion literally shines through as they make up the 'D' of the A to ZX, with the Hong Kong store choosing a ZX 500 for this futuristic take on an 80's icon. Grey suede with a silver reptilian print applied next to a silver premium leather makes for an eyecatching version of a familiar running design. Metallic down to the insole, tradition is applied via: the unexpected, but aesthetically pleasing dose of yellow and red on the outsole. Given the appealing single colour upper, it's open to a number of different looks via: the numerous coloured laces offered as part of the package. Unique and bold, this is a completely new look for a pioneering adidas creation.

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adidas Consortium AZX Project - A to H Sneakers - 10

LIMITEDITIONS 450 - Barcelona's leading sneaker and clothing boutique, the appropriately named LimitEDitions take this project's 'E' with relish, using the ZX 450 as a basis and giving it a makeup that's at once contemporary and respectful of classic adidas styling. Purple and black nylon and suede blend, with glossy fluorescent yellow stripes on the outer foot, and fluorescent green stripes on the inner foot for a subtle twist. Completed with tone-on-tone logo embroidery on the heel, and more black-on-black applications, via: the reflective panel on the forefoot and arched panel on the heel. Extreme detail for a deceptively simple reworking, this is a definitive take on a classic silhouette.

adidas Consortium AZX Project - A to H Sneakers - 11

FOOTPATROL ZX 800 - London's Footpatrol crew knows the importance of the adidas ZX series and its relevance within UK sport and fashion. Taking the ZX 800 - a key model as their 'F' position in the A to ZX alphabet, the aqua blue, yellow and purple will immediately resonate with connoisseurs who remember the definitive ZX 8000 colourway. And where the ZX 800's reflective forefoot patterns cemented the design's appeal, here, all the blue of the upper shines in the right light, completed by a neoprene material application and a logo lace jewel for an intelligent moment of reflection on the shoe's undeniable impact on UK subcultures.

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GOODFOOT ZX 8000 - Canada's Goodfoot naturally, take the 'G' position with a ZX 8000 that uses recycled material applications honed by adidas' Gr ¼n project and merges with them with a stunning makeup that brings out the very best in the shoe. Soft grey suede toward the back, and green suede on the forefoot, with the same colour on the midsole makes for a striking, simple look. Reflective panelling on the forefoot harks back to the ZX 8000's performance legacy, while the tongue tag, lettering on the top metal eyelet and subtle blend of nylon meshes makes for well-balanced proof positive that the carbon footprint can be minimised in style.

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HUF ZX 500 - As the 'H' in this collaborative project, San Franciso's HUF pay tribute to their city's railroad history with a canvas upper that homages the hickory striped uniform of the railway worker. Far from workmanlike, this intelligent conceptual approach goes the distance in terms of detail, from the brass eyelets, branded ghilly lacing system and tipped laces, to the all-over lettering on the tongue, completed by a gum outsole. A bold move that pays dividends, the shoe is packaged with a matching striped drawstring bag embellished by six brass badges, making for another classic from a store that truly overstands the collaborative shoe process.