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SILAS x Reebok - Classic Leather - SILAS 10th Anniv.

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To liven up the then humdrum culture of London urban fashion scene, as told by designers Sofia Prantera and Russell Waterman. They "invited" Silas Holmes, an enigmatic American and their alter egos, as the creative lead for their new venture, Silas and Maria. With "his" understanding of urban culture and all that are within modern Americana, Holmes quickly transformed the label into an up-and-comer within the international fashion circle.

This year, in commemoration of Silas and Maria (or simply called SILAS by most) 10th year anniversary and its ongoing popularity. The label is launching a series of special collaborations, including this Reebok Classic Leather, the 2nd of the special collection. A staple from the 1980s, Reebok Classic Leather was designed with people who seek simplicity and style in mind. The same goes for the SILAS x Reebok - Classic Leather, with the retention to much of the original design. The only alterations are the lux premium and suede upper and an embossed SILAS' logo on the heel side. The limited edition sneaker will be available starting today, July 9th, at DEDUE online shop in ZOZO shopping network.


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