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Eric Haze Full Circle - MOCA Hong Kong

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8FIVE2SHOP, 55DSL and 24Herbs presents: Eric Haze Full Circle...

In Full Circle, Haze transforms the gallery into a bold environment of his signature hand styles and letterforms, and a display of free associative approach to shape and color. Developing the show for almost a year, the majority of the works were produced in the past six months. The exhibition will include 15 drawings on paper (mostly charcoal and pastel), 15 large-scale hand-painted acrylic canvases, 10 archival silkscreen prints on canvas, plus several standalone one-off pieces created in both paint and ink.

Full Circle will be on display at M O C A China from July 24 - August 8, concurrent with the show will be a pop-up shop produced by 8FIVE2SHOP and 55DSL where limited quantities of Haze merchandise work will be available for purchase. The pop-up shop will also feature an installation by Eric Haze and Carl Rauschenbach.

MOCA 2/F, 68 Yee Wo Street Causeway Bay, Hong

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Full Circle represents a return to Haze's roots in fine art, inspired by his recent relocation back to New York City. In the course of reinventing himself and his brand, his approach to art and design has evolved into a more organic process, placing more emphasis on his fine art than ever. Unlike much of his previous work, Haze has created the bulk of the exhibit without a predetermined blueprint, but instead, he employs a more freestyle approach while still utilizing some of the iconography that has informed his graphic design for many years.

At its core, Full Circle is an immense love of line and gesture. Inspirations for this body of work include the freedom of art and abstraction that came out of New York in both the '60s and '80s, as well as a certain immediacy that is inherent in the graffiti art of his roots. Elements of repetition and letterforms that are vital to the spirit of graffiti are evident. Haze has jumped into this new phase of production with unabashed enthusiasm, feeling his work is humanized to a much greater degree than the work he produces as a graphic designer. "To me, sometimes it is simply the beauty of a brush stroke or the line itself that is the heart of the piece," he says. "I am not so interested in figurative imagery and story telling. I am a greater fan of abstract expressionism and the more minimalist aspects of modernism, and would love to see a return to the kind of big bold gestural painting that was at the root of these movements."