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CLOT Spring/Summer Focal Theme Rainbow C Tee

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CLOT's latest apparel release is the Rainbow C Tee from their spring/summer Focal Theme. The designs are filled with vivid and bright colors, while carrying a sense of infinite motion. The tees are available in a five colorways, Cornflower Blue, Charcoal, Navy, Light Slate Grey and Passionate Red with each color signifying different emotions and themes. The tees are slated to release on Saturday, July 26th at JUICE with the exception of the Passionate Red which will be exclusively available online. Each tee retails at HKD$530 (convert).

2/F A, 53 Patterson Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
TEL #: +852 2881 0173

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Cornflower Blue Cornflower is one of Europe's colder climate flowers. This flower closely symbolizes artist's feelings and thoughts. Cornflower comes in blue as well as many other colors. This flower represents Rainbow C's endless boundaries. The color palette of this shirt signifies "Represent Yourself", which compliments CLOT's street fashion style.


Navy Navy represents endless boundaries of the ocean and also symbolizes unity of soldiers. Unity represents CLOT's development, and the blue signifies CLOT's maturity. Navy Rainbow C stand for unison and it is one of the most important colors.


Charcoal Charcoal is one of artist's favorite mediums to use for their artworks. Charcoal brings out bold and beautiful line works within the art. CLOT hopes the Charcoal Rainbow C will display a strong sense of boldness and beauty.


Light Slate Grey Light Slate Grey is base on the color of stones, which ties in to the theme of the brave and strong. The tee is a great summer collection because of CLOT's choice of using other gem colors on a light slate grey tee, which brings out fabulous contrast.


Passionate Red Passionate Red symbolizes love and the color also ignites ones emotion. In addition, the color represents the flower rose. The tee will bring out all these elements to whomever wearing it. Passionate Red Rainbow C tee is exclusive to CLOT Online Store only.