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Nike Courage Ad Campaign

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With the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing less than a couple weeks away, Nike has launched a new ad campaign to push their brand and products to another level. The commercial commemorates the 20th year in which Nike will be using the "Just Do It" slogan. "The commercial celebrates courage as the essence of the "Just Do It' spirit," said Joaquin Hidalgo, Nike Vice President of Global Brand Marketing. "The fast paced cut takes viewers on an inspiring journey highlighting obstacles athletes at every level must face and overcome." In addition this one of the few commercials where you can find more than a handful of Nike athletes as the Swoosh got together 31 of it's sponsored athletes to be featured in the commercial. And to put everything together the music selected by Nike and W+K comes from The Killers via: their song "All These Things That I've Done".

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