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Adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX800 - ACU

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Shanghai-based ACU has been working with adidas since 2007 and has became the first exclusive retail boutique to carry the Adidas Consortium Collection there. This year marks the collaboration between the two with the birth of the classic ACU ZX800. The head designer of this project is Director of ACU, Tom and CLOT, "Tom chose the ZX800 model as a result of its' light-weight and comfortable fabrics/ textures, with ACU's cutting edge design, ZX800 is bound to be the next hit item!" They've married the east and the west, expressing the Chinese street culture, in order to harmonize ZX800 and ACU's uniqueness, they used the Chinese flag colors- red and yellow as base colors to create a classic look, CLOT Royale silk on the body and tongue, CLOT logo is a transparent flash card which reflects different images from different angles. The sole has a special printing of "adidas, a store with 3 straights" in Chinese, as a salute to adidas. And the 3 straights on the heels are computer embroidered; most of the details are matte finished.

The ACU ZX800 will be launched on August 8th, at ACU Shanghai, CLOT online store and ACU Pop-up Store, 4th floor, adidas Brand Center, San Li Tun, Beijing.

ACU Shop #15, 139 Chang Le Road | Map Shanghai, China

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Classic ACU Logo, ACU acupuncture, wooden buckles, Chinese silk are all fused together in this pair of western sneakers, not only reflects the Chinese culture, but also a strong sense of mix and match! They've custom-made a special red silk draw-string shoe bag and ACU logo lazered shoehorn for ZX800 and ACU collection, there are 4 different shoe laces for customers to choose from.