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N4E1 (Not For Everyone) - Fall/Winter 2008 Preview

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N4E1 - Cut & Sew Collection

As the fashion trade show circuit proceeds to Sin City, Las Vegas, next month. Hong Kong-base label N4E1 (Not For Everyone) previewed some of its new offerings for the Fall/Winter 2008 season. For this season, N4E1 completely revamp its product line and for the first time, it will introduce a cut & sew program. The new collection will feature heavy-duty leather quilted jackets, denims, shirts, flannels, along the usual hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories. N4E1 also primed a new focus on a more streamlined silhouettes and fits.

To see these and others N4E1 offerings, check out their new booth at the newly created Slate section within the Magic trade show during the later half of August.

> N4E1 (Not for Everyone)

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N4E1 - Cut & Sew Collection

N4E1 (Not For Every One) - Fall/Winter 2008 Preview

N4E1 - Cut & Sew Collection