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Orange (France Telecom) x BIC - Mobile Phone

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Orange (France Telecom) x BIC

Though disposable commodities been around, they were never commercialized until the arrival of French industrialists Marcel Bich and Edouard Buffard.  Some 60 years later, their firm, BIC, is synonymous to anything that can use and dispose of, whether it be shaver, lighter, and of course ball point pen.

So it was only fitting that Orange, the mobile service branch of France Telecom, approached BIC to create the BIC phone.  Though not as disposable as its products, the BIC phone still retains the BIC traditions of simplicity, affordability, plus versatility.  Simply purchase one for EU€ 49 (~US 75) and the phone is ready to go with 60 minutes worth of talk time.  If more talk time is needed, just purchase any additional with prepaid "mobilcarte" refill card.  Available is the iconic BIC orange and lime green, the BIC phone will start to circulate at supermarkets, convenience stores, and etc... tomorrow, August 7th.  You can also pre-order one at Colette.

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Orange (France Telecom) x BIC

Orange (France Telecom) x BIC