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Kidrobot x The Simpsons Mini-Figures - Available Now

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The much anticipated Kidrobot x The Simpsons Mini-Figure Series is available now at Kidrobot stores and! Collect them all, the mini series starring...Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Hippie Homer, Mr. Burns, Smithers, Krusty, Sideshow Bob, Scratchy, Itchy, Apu, Fat Tony, Bumblebee Man, Duffman, Chief Wiggum, Barney, Comic Book Guy, Funzo, Lucius Sweet and Three Mystery Figures- that's all Springfield citizens, a total of 24 figures! Each 3 figure retail at $7.95 (blind assortment) or cop the whole set for $181.00. Don't sleep on this collection!

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